Special course SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY: “50 shades of planets in houses”

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Pavel Andreev
Leading Astrologer
  • 20 000 руб.
  • 12 занятий
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12 lessons, duration of each 2 hours.

Each lesson can be taken separately; in this case the cost of participation in one webinar is 3,000 rubles.

For years, I've been struggling with an insoluble problem: how to write a practical guidelines for students on basics of astrology in the best way, so that the language can be applied to reality, to a living person.

Moreover, every time I fall into the classic grip of the opposition aspect: either the interpretations are too abstract and they can be applied to any chart, or they are too textbookish and clumsy and fit only to a narrow category of charts. A fuzzy rule or a qualitative particular.

The way out was found - it's the golden right hemispheric mean when I explain the nuance of a separate indicator on different examples and give the algorithms tying them to the context of the chart and the floors of the indicator interpretation.

The series “Secrets of Astrology” continues the approach of “Scenarios of Internal Conflicts” transmitting it to other indicators of the chart. In fact, this is a separate special course, which also can easily perform the role of a practical application to the basic course of the long-term astrology training.


Planets in houses - this is the basis, the foundation of the cosmogram and the horoscope synthesis. They participate in forming the context of the chart and create the basic energy skeleton on which the muscles of the forecast and the thematic analysis are built up.

12 houses, 10 planets + Lilith and Fortune Parsee.

+ dependence of the interpretation on the psychotype, disposition, aspects and other forms of the context of the chart;
+ compensatory mechanisms (working-through) and transfer to the highest floor;
+ hidden talents and mechanisms for their manifestation;
+ typical mistakes in interpreting of beginning astrologers;

1) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in I house.
2) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in II house.
3) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in III house.
4) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in IV house.
5) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in V house.
6) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in VI house.
7) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in VII house.
8) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in VIII house.
9) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in IX house.
10) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in X house.
11) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in XI house.
12) Planets, Lilith, Parsee in XII house.

1) "I have the Sun in 10th house but I’m not a career person. Why?"
2) " I have Jupiter in 4th house but all my relatives are alcoholics and I live in a communal apartment. Why?"
3) "I have Uranus in 2nd house, but instead of earning billions from start-ups I can hardly make ends meet. Why?"
4) "I have Pluto in 7th house but instead of a husband who is a banker or FSB worker I have an infantile and passive man. Why?"

Registration and online paymenthttps://arcanum.pro/planety_v_domah

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