Children's horoscope

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Pavel Andreev
Leading Astrologer
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A child is a seed that must grow into a beautiful tree, be able to enjoy life, withstand bad weather and bear fruit. The task of parents is to create the necessary conditions for the development and growth of an emerging personality.

The children's horoscope will allow you, being guided by the strengths and talents of your child help him to become the one the nature intended him or her to be. All this, of course, will help to harmonize relations in the family. You will know the following from the horoscope of your child:

  • Child's innate talents and areas of their application;
  • Peculiarities of the character and temperament: pros and cons, compensation mechanisms for negative traits;
  • Child’s self-evaluation: how to strengthen confidence, self-respect, and how to love yourself;
  • Deep motivations and needs of your child;
  • Features of the training: what motivates the child to study, what are his or her characteristics of the information perception, with which teachers he or she will find a common language;
  • In what professional direction will the child be able to maximize his or her talents and have a high level of income in the future;
  • Recommendations on education and communication in the family;
  • The child’s perception of each of the parents, the model of the family that the child will have and that he or she will embody in his or her  own family in the future;
  • Forecast on the future of the child: career, personal life, etc.;
  • Main event risks and potential health risks;
  • The main tasks of the implementation.

From the children's horoscope, you will also learn about those areas of activity where the talents of your child can be realized at the most and that will bring success and satisfaction to the child in the future. It will be easier for you to choose sport groups, which the child will attend with pleasure, an educational institution and a profession where it will be interesting for him to study and work.

There is nothing terrible in the children’s horoscope; there is only useful and necessary information in the children’s horoscope. You can read many books about the upbringing of the child and many recommendations will be useful and effective, but do not forget that your child is individual and not all general recommendations will suit him or her.

Children’s horoscope is a key to understanding your child who came to this world with his mission, and the task of parents is to help him to become himself.

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