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Pavel Andreev
Leading Astrologer
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The astrological forecast is a matrix of the most important tendencies of your future.

By analogy with the weather forecast, there are appropriate periods when it is necessary to wear a coat, and when the swimsuit. There are times when you should not use planes, or you will not fly away due to a snowstorm. There are times when you cannot leave water in the car, otherwise it will turn into ice.

Therefore, astrology helps you to understand when to develop, and when to emphasize stability. When we know the time of take-off, it is possible to take risks and do things where we need luck (commercial risk, release of a creative product, participation in the competition, tender, court, etc.). In most cases, the point of risks and problems can be turned into a mega-event through event-substitution mechanism. In the worst scenario of the events development, an early awareness of the problem will mitigate the psychological impact of the crisis.

Thus, your future is a combination of your actions, goals and intentions + the impact of circumstances. Astrology turns you from a slave of destiny into the producer of your life.

This service includes a forecast for a year, detailed in all areas of life.

- changes made by the force of circumstances in key areas of your life: career, finances, relationships, family, personal energy;

- neutralization of apprehensiveness, calculation and control of risks to health, life and property;

- strategies for optimal behavior, a "map of the terrain" reflecting what action and at what moment is timely, and for what action the red light is lit by fate.

In 99% of cases, the fate does not give a clear event, but a point of choice, into which it is possible to "inscribe" the event we need with the help of personal activity. It is the astrological forecast that makes the calculation of the choice points and event equivalents, which are possible at a certain moment in space and time.

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