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Horoscope “Searching for a partner” is aimed at correcting your personal life, working out the reasons of loneliness and making of a strategy to attract a partner with whom you will be able to build a strong alliance, and not to run away after a couple of months. From the horoscope “Searching for a partner" you will learn:

  • The reasons for your loneliness, absence of marriage or obsession with a certain type of a partner – personal (character, behavior), social (upbringing, values, attitudes) and natal (for example, when your personal life begins to develop after a certain age according to your chart);
  • Causes of indifference from the opposite sex and recommendations for correction;
  • Reasons for failures in trying to find a partner of your dream and recommendations.
  • Reasons for a vicious circle in relationships. When relationships are started and the collapse.

The problem of loneliness is not uncommon in the modern world. Some are comfortable in this state, some are not. Often, the problems of loneliness and the feelings of anxiety, dissatisfaction and self-doubt associated with it are conditioned by the external environment: someone has been raised in strict family values ​​and cannot realize himself outside the family, someone has become accustomed to being married and no longer sees his life without a partner. Many face the fact that they attract the same type of men or women in their lives making the same mistake over and over again.

Therefore, it is sometimes important to understand the reasons of your loneliness or fixation on a certain type, and horoscope "Searching for a partner" will help you in this.

For example, it happens that a girl begins to worry about marriage already from a young age, she falls into depression when girlfriends around her begin to marry and give birth to children. In such situations, the horoscope may indicate that the girl has just another task before age 30, for example, professional growth. Thus, up to 30 years, she can safely develop professionally, and then – be fully concerned with the family and realize herself in it.

Looking around, we easily get lost, we do not see our own way, but we try to live someone else's life, “like them”. “Searching for a partner" horoscope will help you to understand yourself and your own way, as well as correct settings and behavior that impede the formation of harmonious relationships.

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