Business astrology

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Pavel Andreev
Leading Astrologer
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Possibilities of opening own business, choice of streamlines and areas of business, partnership issues. Ways of developing the existing business: strategies, risks, opportunities.

Business astrology is a good tool for those who just want to open their own business and for those who has already had it.

Business astrology gives specific recommendations and solutions to existing problems. It will help the business owner understand what and when to improve, help to hire suitable personnel, avoid unnecessary risks and investments, increase financial profit by building a competent strategy.

Business is a living organism that must live and develop. In the mode of daily immersion in business, its owner has his eyes “soaped” – doubts, mistakes, boredom emerge. Meanwhile, each key employee, a large transaction and a new investor can play a big role – positive or negative – in the life of the company. Everyone has such periods when we act as usual, but instead of profits, we have to fix the loss, although correct managerial decisions have been made according to all the canons.

In life, there is often a situation when one person, intrinsically a manager, received an MBA, passed many trainings, has the will, charisma, purposefulness, but his business is chronically falling to pieces. While another non-achiever builds a business “quick-and-dirty”, without a system, outside the canons, just experimenting “letting matters take their own course” – and earns huge money while his company thrives. The secret is that the "non-achiever" is intuitive and he has learned from experience his success skills – those strategies of behavior that, by fate, bring money, even if they do not fit into the canons of management. A birth chart is just a universal navigator that contains your success skills.

Business astrology includes the following clauses:

  • potential opportunity to open and manage one's own business;
  • spheres, streamlines in which it is possible to develop the business which will bring a maximum income;
  • Financial analysis for decision-makers, their strategies for expanding the financial flow (each of the partners becomes rich – the whole business becomes rich);
  • Selection of an effective team for achieving any goals (from HR-profiling for the Sales department to distribution of co-founders and top managers’ functional roles). You will know the inclinations and abilities of each of them and will be able to understand where and how this person can be most useful to your business.
  • Selection of niches for a new business, for the development within the existing company and assistance in making a decision to eliminate unpromising projects;
  • A detailed forecast of the future for the manager (for a year) according to which the future of the whole company can be judged.
  • Minimization of risks and losses, specific recommendations and ways of compensation.

The cost is indicated for one business owner. If business partners (co-founders) are necessary, the price is negotiable.

Additionally you can order:

  • Selection of an effective team
  • Financial analysis for partners
  • Distribution of functional roles for co-founders and key employees.
  • Business support
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