Natal chart. Who am I? (Consultation of astrologers of the center)

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The consultation is conducted by certificated astrologers, graduates of Pavel Andreev School of Astrology.

Written consultation is conducted by Alexander Tumanov.

Consultations on Skype are conducted by Julia Subbotina and Alexey Lozovoy:

Areas of practice of Julia SubbotinaPersonal life, problems with impregnation, children's horoscopes, mission and purpose, subject matters of risks in the natal chart: is there a threat of an accident, real estate risks and others.

Areas of practice of  Alexey Lozovoy: Deep analysis of settings, generic programs, searching for oneself as a person, “pitfalls” along this path, prognostication

The Natal chart is needed for those who are interested in their personal development and want to get tools for interaction with the surrounding reality. You can understand the reasons for your failures, make the most of your personal resources and opportunities that the world gives you.

Applying for advice, you get a detailed layout of the personality and individual areas of life, which highlights the following subject matters:

✔Key peculiarities of the character;
✔Basic life needs and main motivations;
✔Self-appraisal / confidence / is your main source of life and optimism;
✔Inborn talents and strong qualities;
✔Inborn disadvantages + mechanisms for their compensation;
✔Main event risks;
✔Peculiarities of personal life;
✔Main tasks of the implementation.

«Nātālis» in translation from Latin means “inborn, related to birth” and the natal chart is a diagram of the celestial body’s position at the time and place of your birth. This is your personal horoscope, which describes the most important spheres and key events of your life. Your Natal chart will tell you about who you are, what your mission is and how to build the most effective interactions with the world in the areas, which are very important for you.

The data of the Natal chart allows you to correct the life path, direct the potential of your personality into the frame of creativeness. For example, being aware of the minuses of your character and the so-called "mental traps" (some settings and habits) you will know what exactly needs to be changed or done in order to stop making the same mistakes at work or in a relationship over and over again.

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