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In the section “Finances and Career”, you can order a horoscope of Career guidance, which will tell you whether you are at your place, do your job, describe the ways of professional development, as well as horoscope “Extension of a financial flow", which describes in detail the strategies for attracting finance.

Horoscope "Extension of a financial flow"

Financial astrology is a section of astrology that analyzes regularities of your financial sphere. Its main goal is to increase money resources through the selection of correct and strategically sound mechanisms of behavior. Thanks to this service, you save yourself from social illusions and unnecessary labor content opening up wide prospects for yourself.

This consultation helps you to get the following opportunities: - To direct your potential in the most productive and profitable channel

  • Minimize personal financial risks;
  • Combine a high income and a favorite business;
  • Discover a stable source of income for yourself.

Astrology of finance allows you to find out: what set of outstanding qualities is hidden in your personality, how to direct it thereby increasing your income and moving you into the status of a successful person. As a rule, a prosperous moneyed future is always the result of a person’s astrologically correct activity, which intelligently resonates with the context of the whole chart.

Very often people who for many years have not developed in their careers come to the consultation; they are tormented by chronic dismissals and lack of money. One of the main reasons is an attempt to apply the traditional model “to go to study for the profession, which everybody advise and to start to work in an office as soon as possible”. However, such a model of behavior does not open a gateway to prosperity and success for everyone. Such difficulties can be solved only by redirecting your vector of efforts, for example: circumstances give a person maximum implementation when he or she works from home or is engaged in freelancing but sitting in the office will only bring losses. Thus, with the help of precise astrological techniques, you save decades spent on useless advising and blindfold actions applying now specifically applicable recommendations.

The task of a financial astrologer is to find you the most appropriate strategy, in which schematically arranged actions are advantageously realized in money profit and your favorite activity.

Having consulted financial astrology professionals, you will start to successfully navigate in such issues as:

  • What to do to increase your earnings and get development in your endeavors;
  • How to choose the kind of activity that will bring you maximum money and pleasure; 
  • Where circumstances will maximize income and luck in self-fulfillment;
  • Results of the development of employment and in entrepreneurship;
  • What are the potential sources of loss;
  • How to store money in order to save financial success;

Psychological features that may impede development + mechanisms for their compensation; - Where, except wage labor, circumstances will help you to earn. 
In addition to this interpretation, you receive answers to a number of issues related to the subject of career and finance. 

HoroscopeCareer guidance”

Horoscope on Career guidance will help those who seek themselves in the professional field. How to find my calling? What and where should I work? - such questions are asked by both very young and experienced people to whom the present work does not bring pleasure and satisfaction, and the horoscope "Career guidance" will give answers to these questions.

From the horoscope "Career guidance", you will learn:

  • your personal characteristics, which can influence your work and career: your talents, advantages and disadvantages of the character;
  • in what field, in what position should you work and why (wage labor, freelance, own business).

When we grow up and face the problem of choosing a profession or education, only a few are guided by their talents and interests. Someone is going to work in a certain area under the influence of stereotypes (a fashionable or highly paid profession), under the pressure of the family (for example, military service according to the family tradition), or on the simplest road (to friends or to simple work). However, finding your profession is only half the success. Each person’s horoscope has information on those spheres in which the way to success is the shortest. For example, you are a talented financier, and you know that you have found your calling. Nevertheless, you can work as a financier in production, but you can choose a company that deals with tourism, or even go into freelancing. In all these directions, your pathway develops differently.

Implementing in the professional field that suits you in two aspects – from the point of view of personal orientation and the point of view of your horoscope, you can achieve maximum success in the shortest possible time and will be able to avoid dismissals, financial losses and failures.

In addition to this interpretation, you receive answers to a number of concomitant questions related to the subject of finance.

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