About us

The Laboratory of life is a project through which everyone can understand their life's path and tasks. Here you will receive practical tools and recommendations, following which you will be able to direct your life into the channel of creativity and development. From you - a task or problem, and most importantly - the willingness to solve it and change, from us - the strategy of action and following you on the path of positive changes.

Each person has his or her potential, a certain “project” - like a seed is an apple tree project. Everyone can find their own way and harmoniously develop according to the laws of the Universe, or live in illusions and disappointments. In other words, an oak or birch will never grow from the apple seed.

The task of the Laboratory of life is to help you to discover your “project”, understand the causes of problems and failures, and maximize your natural abilities. In the Laboratory of life, you can get advice from experts in the field of astrology and psychology, as well as psychological training, courses in astrology, psychological tarot and energy practices. 123

Mass Media about us: Статья астролога Павла Андреева в Posta Magazine 


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