Julia Subbotina

О специалисте

My name is Yulia Subbotina, I successfully completed a long training course at Pavel Andreev Astrological School, where I am now a curator at one of the courses. I actively consult.


Psychology and the inner structure of this world have always interested me, but it was astrology that entered my life spontaneously enough - after listening to one of the webinars of Pavel, I clearly realized that I want to learn from him. Then I didn’t plan to engage myself in this professionally, the only purpose was to find the reasons for what was happening in my life, learn more and, as a consequence, to reach a new level. Already from the first classes astrology struck me and fully obsessed, there was a confident feeling “it is mine”.

Unexpectedly for myself, I found a favorite engagement.

Howsoever pathetic it may sound, but now I really cannot imagine my life without astrology. This is a fairly clear tool that allows you to better understand yourself and consistently succeed being in harmony with the world around you.

Of course, I want to share all this, because I experience an inexpressible feeling and energy boost when I see that I really helped someone due to this unique knowledge.

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