Alexey Lozovoy

О специалисте

Alexey Lozovoy, a certified astrologer, graduate of Pavel Andreev School of Astrology.

Certainly, I met on my way people who could “read” a person without any help, see his deep essence, but for myself I could not apply this method, because it did not have that system, that obviousness and clarity, which I needed so much. Astrology, in its turn, gave me this opportunity and became a great discovery for me and the result of searching for myself.

Astrology, as a unique tool, which helps to look into the unconscious of the person by means of astrological processor, see his mental world, and understand what the essence of his higher self is. Understand with what baggage of experience and knowledge he came into this world, and where he is to come in his global task of incarnation, suggest what talents are hidden in a person and what “pitfalls” can appear in his life.

Another incredible discovery was the fact that the event-driven regularities are individual in the life of each person and knowing them, we can use the assistance of circumstances in any sphere of our life. 

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