Webinar "The fate of the family and generic programs in the natal chart"

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Pavel Andreev
Leading Astrologer
  • 3000 руб.
  • 4 часа
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!!! The webinar is rated for trained listeners who have studied astrology independently or have completed an astrological school. You are given the opportunity to close the blind spots and systematize your knowledge, learn to feel the nuances that distinguish the professional from the beginner who use the conventional interpretations of the chart.


Examples of questions, to which you will receive the keys:

"Am I free to live as I want, or am I part of a genus whose program is predetermined?"

"Is there a special mission for our genus, which I inherit from my ancestors?"

"In my marriage I repeat my mother's mistakes." I understand it in my mind but I cannot help it. What can I do?"

"In my childhood the father constantly repeated: "Do not be idle, life is not all honey, you must pay for everything good in your life and now I'm afraid of any initiatives in money, and my husband does not give me gifts for 20 years. What should I do?"

Brief webinar program:

1) structure of the genus in the natal chart;

2) identification of the key participants of your cluster of souls in the genus for the current incarnation;

3) karmic program of the genus;

4) Mom and Dad in the birth chart: our perceptions and their real role;

5) analysis technique, which allows determining the influence of parental models on the personal life of a person;

6) analysis technique, which allows identifying financial blocks in the genus; combating genetic poverty;

7) compensatory capabilities of the horoscope in the context of the parental model: how to help your conscious self to rise above the genes;

8) birth problems as a problem factor during pregnancy;

9) why the soul chooses to come to the manifested world as an orphan.

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