Master class on rectification and retroprognosis (face-to-face and online)

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Pavel Andreev
Leading Astrologer
  • Очно/Онлайн: 4000 рублей
  • 3 часа
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Both face-to-face and online participation is possible!

! The event for those who have minimal experience in forecasting and rectification, owns four forecast methods: directorates, progressions, solar, transits.

! BONUS For the first 10 participants who paid the master class: the analysis of rectification on a personal example (the questionnaire can be either yours or of another person).

Rectification is the procedure for determining the time of birth of a person, which is necessary for building a natal chart. Without rectification, it is impossible to predict, it is impossible to analyze any sphere of life. Without rectification, only vague reasoning is possible, which in fact have nothing to do with astrology as the mother of all the exact sciences of our time.

I got acquainted with astrology on an amateur level when I finished school. Continuing the dragging of my mother, I turned it into a profession. By the age of 30, I have accumulated more than 6,000 natal charts in the database, each of them I have personally rectified.

All my teachers told me that rectification is a very difficult and long procedure. I know an astrologer with more than 20 years of experience who seriously argues that there are charts with a birth time on a tag that “cannot be read right away” and the process of its rectification can be a week long.

I never believed it, therefore for years of daily practice I created a simple system that beats the mist of chaos and uncertainty of intuition with the logic of the algorithm.

The master class on rectification is a unique event where you will receive this system and a number of other advantages:

  • the effect of a live presence: you can attend the event internally, bring your laptop and be with me in the audience, or you can "watch" the broadcasting from this audience, being anywhere in the world;
  • live dialogues "prevent" me from vaticinating a monologue on my wave - it will be much more interesting than on a regular webinar;
  • the time obtained after rectification is just a dead figure, I will teach you various methods of checking this time so that you, your friends and your customers can "touch" astrology in action;

You will learn how to identify the pitfalls, and get the jacks for working with the chart in real time, so that the chartholder from the opponent in guessing becomes a partner for teamwork.

After the master class on rectification, this procedure will stop scare you and drive you into a stupor, your doubts about the correctness of the calculated time will disappear, and you will begin to receive results of incredible quality and accuracy.


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