Webinar “Astrology of Risk Treatment and Crisis Prevention”

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Pavel Andreev
Leading Astrologer
  • 5000 руб.
  • 2 дня по 3 часа
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!!! The webinar is rated for trained listeners who have studied astrology independently or have completed an astrological school. You are given the opportunity to close the blind spots and systematize your knowledge, learn to feel the nuances that distinguish the professional from the beginner who use the conventional interpretations of the chart.

!!! We use live materials of living people, and not data about kings from encyclopedias.

Examples of questions, to which you will receive the keys (+ technique of astrological analysis):

“My car is regularly stolen; I constantly have to sort out the relationship on the road because of minor accidents. What to do and when it will end?”

“There is a sense of a gap in the bottom of my budget: sometimes the husband, sometimes the son, sometimes it’s the tax fines, the fraud - the money seems to flow away and do not linger. What to do to live plenteously?”

“I suffer from strange diseases; the most respected doctors cannot diagnosticate it and advise exactly the opposite treatment, from which there is no result. Is there a chance to recover?”

"I cannot hold at any workplace for a long time. When the number of dismissals will end?”

“I'm afraid to marry because all the girlfriends have husbands who take alcohol drinks excessively and beat them, although on dates they were gallants”

"I'm terribly afraid to give birth; I've seen enough TV programs about children with disabilities. How to see such a risk in the chart?"

“The head / partner forced to take out a loan as an individual, under the threat of dismissal / criminal investigation. The chief / partner died of a stroke, and the loan had to be paid. How not to allow a repetition of the situation?"


Brief webinar program:

1) risks of the physical body, how illnesses and traumas look in the chart, the points of detonation of the disease in prognostics;

2) financial crime, how risks of robbery and fraud look like;

3) non-criminal “gaps” in the financial capacity (domestic causes, fire, dismissals);

4) depressions, suicides, “existential crises”;

5) near-criminal risks of personal life. How scenarios of mating horror look like in the birth chart;

6) risks of childbirth: abortion, miscarriage, children with mutilations in the mother's chart;

7) risks of the society: dismissal, arrest, unlawful acts of superiors;

8) crime on the road: from simple accidents to falsifications and fraud when buying cars;

9) compensatory horoscope capabilities in natal and prognostic analysis for each risk group.

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