Webinar “Astrology of death”

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Pavel Andreev
Leading Astrologer
  • 5000 руб.
  • 3 часа
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!!! The webinar is rated for trained listeners who have studied astrology independently or have completed an astrological school. You are given the opportunity to close the blind spots and systematize your knowledge, learn to feel the nuances that distinguish the professional from the beginner who use the conventional interpretations of the chart.

!!! A strong nervous system and a philosophical approach to questions of death are also desirable.

Examples of questions, to which you will receive the keys (+ technique of astrological analysis):

"Is one date of death recorded on the heavenly tablets?"

"How to stop being afraid of death?"

"Is it possible to avoid death or delay it? And whether it is necessary?"

"What is the danger of suicide?"

"I saw a lot of tense aspects in the chart of the child. Does this mean

that he will soon die? "

"My fiancé has strange outbreaks of aggression. How to understand if he is capable of killing?"

Brief webinar program:

1) types of death: astrological classification

2) when and how a person dies, the mortal intervals

3) one’s own death: the technique of astrological analysis for the main types of death

4) how other people's deaths are read in the chart:

- husband / wife

- grandparents

- children

- parents

5) propensity to murder in natal, how the act of killing looks like in prognostics.

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