Webinar "Astrology of a Living Person, or 10 Typical Errors of Beginning Astrologers"

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Pavel Andreev
Leading Astrologer
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  • 4 часа
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!!! The webinar is rated for trained listeners who have studied astrology independently or have completed an astrological school. You are given the opportunity to close the blind-spots and systematize your knowledge, learn to feel the nuances that distinguish the professional from the beginner who use the conventional interpretations of the chart.

Examples of questions, to which you will receive the keys:

“I graduated from an astrological school / courses but in reality it turned out that everything is not the same as it was taught, and people do not agree with the interpretations of the chart that I give out”. Doesn’t Astrology work?"

"Why does a man have a black moon in the 7th house, but his marriage is perfect, he and his wife even celebrated the golden wedding?"

"Why does a person with a harmonious Jupiter and Venus on the top of the 2 house has money that are barely enough until the next salary?"

A person has an absolutely harmonious Saturn, it has nothing to do with the axis of health, but he or she has constant problems with the spine and teeth, and even has a fracture, why?"

"A person has an absolutely harmonious sun nevertheless his or her self-estimation is destroyed, where is the nasty trick?"!!!

A brief webinar program:

1) ways to neutralize snobbery and rejection when consulting problematic people; the tactic of turning a client from an adversary into an ally, an instruction to demonstrate your expert skills and receive unlimited confidence;

2) northern cards: to be or not to be;

3) horizontal and vertical links of houses: book theories and reality, the synthesis of tools in a practical algorithm;

4) an indirect aspect in the natal chart and prognostics;

5) chiron, vertex, fortune Parsee, Destiny Cross, black and white Moon, fixed stars - truth and myths, application practice;

6) compensatory astrology: types and approaches, substitution and transformation of the context + ways to understand that the “trick” worked;

7) 10 typical mistakes of a beginning astrologer and ways to correct them.

!!! Each participant of the webinar is given the opportunity to write his or her question according to the methodology of interpreting the chart into a special public file. The representative will build a presentation based on this file with your questions.

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