Alexander Tumanov

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My name is Alexander Tumanov, I am an astrologer, a certificated graduate and curator of Pavel Andreev School of Astrology.

At the age of 24, I got a liberal arts education, but later I realized that my work in the specialty did not bring me satisfaction and joy. I had a strong feeling that I was not on my way and I was not doing my own thing but I could not explain it rationally.

I had questions: why do some people spend their entire lives doing one thing and are absolutely happy about it, while others change their profession as they are socks and constantly come to a standstill? Why does the same way of life make one full of strength and energy all his life, and the destiny reduces the efforts of another to zero and makes him unhappy? Where do the features of character and event-driven regularities of different people come from?

The answers to these questions were given to me by astrology, a science I study and practice for more than two years.

In my understanding, astrology is a great tool that allows you to build interaction with this reality in such a way that actions and initiatives use circumstances, reflect the best sides of your personality and bring the most effective result. This science gives freedom and choice, awareness and understanding of one's true desires. Moreover, one of my desires is to help in finding answers on the way to self-knowledge, sharing experience and knowledge with those who want to change their lives for better.

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